Monday, November 14, 2016

One Week to Happy Healthy Nails with Sally Hansen 18K Gold

Hi ya Gorgeous!

It has been a whirlwind of traveling and it feels so good to be home! There is so much going on with everything in every which way!

I've completely blown and gotten off track from my Weight Watchers plan- traveling and staying on my points was really hard and there were too many temptations that I gave into!  So, back to square one tomorrow for me!

The Makeup University Holiday Gift Guide starts today on Youtube and there will be a second post today to launch! 

Now, it's "Mani Monday" and I'm wearing the new Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener and cuticle eraser. 

I painted my nails and used the cuticle tool before I left for the American Film Market, and then wore it for ten days straight and it still looks good! I love the light gold flecks and plan to re-do my nails this week and wear it over the top of a color.

On me, I have cuticles that are like callouses due to my Hashimotos. So, the first few applications did not dazzle but then again, there is a lot for it to work with! I'm going to start using it again today!

You can find these at mass retailers and drug stores nationwide as well as online for under $10!
Which makes these a perfect stocking stuffer!

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener
Gold-infused strengthener treats & beautifies nails in 1 step
Instantly hardens & fortifies nails to prevent breaking, chipping and splitting. Gold shield forms a protective barrier to lock in moisture, nails grow longer & stronger.
Our eye-catching treatment combines real 18-karat gold with peptides and amino acids, ingredients known to promote healthy growth. The breakthrough complex envelopes the gold, creating shatter-proof shield that protects nails so they grow stronger and longer.
Wear it under or over nail color for a hint of sparkle, or on its own for pure strength and light-reflecting shine.

 Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser

All-in-one exfoliating treatment with rich gold formula that nourishes dry cuticles Instantly smooth cuticles and trap moisture into skin
Quartz granules buff and exfoliate cuticles. 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser is a must for healthy-looking, smooth cuticles. Exclusive gel texture combined with real gold trap moisture and nourishes cuticles.
Features an innovative applicator with a built-in cuticle pusher cap, for a luminous, healthy-looking, beautiful nails and cuticles!

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