Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to not stink at holiday parties: BAN Deoderant

Hi ya Gorgeous,

What a whirlwind week the travel to Santa Monica for the American Film Market has been and then dipping down into San Marcos for the Fire and Glory Revival meetings - whoa - really needed that!

So the holidays are here and so is the stress. Have you tried BAN Deoderant yet for a healthier alternative to aluminum filled anti-perspirants?

Do you get stressed during the holiday shopping season? You’re not alone! According to a poll by the American Psychological Association, 69% of people are stressed by the feeling of having “lack of time” during the holidays. Avoid the holiday rush and stress sweat that comes from it thanks to the Ban Brand Experts!

Ban Roll-On Deodorant ($4.99) offers an outstanding 24 hours of invisible protection against odor causing sweat! The formula that glides on easily contains Ban’s breakthrough technology, which specifically targets and virtually eliminates (not cover up) stress odor that other antiperspirant/deodorants may leave behind! No matter your mood, Ban has a scent that fits for you:

  • Regular for a light and clean floral fragrance
  • Powder Fresh for a classic powder scent
  • Satin Breeze for a feminine touch with green and citrus notes
  • Fresh Cotton for a refreshing floral heart with a hint of fruit
  • Simply Clean for fresh and powdery amber notes with hint of peach nectar
  • Unscented for sensitive skin

Ban Roll-On Deodorant is available at Drug and Mass Retailers nationwide for $4.99. 

 Get some and get ready...the Makeup University Holiday Gift Guide begins tomorrow ....woot woot!
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