Saturday, November 19, 2016

KMS having an impact on bullying - please read

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Quick guest post to share on a very important topic - please read!

Confident. Brave. Fierce. Honest.
These are just some of the words that more than a dozen  gifted stylists use to  describe themselves – and anyone else who has been  victimized by bullying – in a  compelling video filmed at the ID Salon in Woodbury, NY. Owned by Lori Panarello, a Guest Artist and Educator for KMS California,  ID is a full-service  salon that’s dedicated to helping its clients express  themselves and celebrate  their unique identity through fashion in hair.

Hosted by Simon Miller, one of KMS California’s  Global  Style Council members, the short film features incredibly  moving stories from the  salon’s stylists about their own painful experiences  with bullying and how they  learned to rise above the hate, overcome the hurt and love  themselves for who  they are. “I don’t ever want to be anything  but who I am,” says Lori. “I  actually love me and I’m so happy that I don’t  fit in with the norm.”

Lori started the project after she heard the news of a  13-year-old Staten Island boy who had committed suicide as a  result of  incessant bullying. Together with the LGBT community, Lori  started fundraising  at her salon to help the local coalition for anti-bullying.

When Lori asked her staff if any of them had ever been bullied before, each and  every person raised  a hand. That’s when Lori realized that the stories of  these talented and  successful stylists needed to be brought to life and shared,  so that those who  are currently suffering know that they’re not alone  and that it does get  better.

“I dealt with bullying by finding my own self-worth  and realizing that once you do, nobody can take it away from  you again,” says  one of the dozens of empowered, emotionally charged  interviewees in the video.

Created in partnership with The Crooked Fringe  Movement, an independent broadcasting and media production  company, the uplifting video  implores us all to #CutOutTheBullying and say enough is  enough. “The worst  thing about being bullied is that you start to question  things you know for  sure about yourself,” says Simon. “No one  should be bullied. At some point  we’ve just got to stop it.”

Please join us in bringing awareness to this senseless  act of cruelty by sharing Beauty Against Bullying’s  message of tolerance and  love. The video is live on YouTube at

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