Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Healing through overindulgence this holiday: TheOrganic Pharmacy Liver & Kidney Tincture

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Thanksgiving is almost here! I'm so excited! I love the holiday season and all of the indulging that goes along with it! That's why I started Weight Watchers a few months ago- to make sure I had some extra room to have an extra serving of whatever I want!

Oh, or an extra glass of whatever I want! Who knew a glass of wine was 5 points!

For those of you, who like me, prefer an ounce of prevention versus a pound of cure, it's time you meet The Organic Pharmacy and their natural supplements to help aid the body. The have a Liver & Kidney tincture and Ester C which is non acidic that can help you help yourself after you have indulged too much!

 The Organic Pharmacy makes amazing healthy and holistic skincare, body care, makeup and supplements. You may notice the price is just a bit higher than other brands, though that is due to the quality.

Trust me when I say, do yourself a favor and order these ahead of time before the party season kicks into high gear!

Liver & Kidney Drops

A combination of herbs used to support the liver and kidneys. Useful during a detox or party season to help regenerate the liver. 

Ester C 1000

A non-acidic form of Vitamin C. Provides antioxidant activity and nutritive support for healthy skin, blood vessels, bones, teeth, tissue and immune function.
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