Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to fix dry winter skin: 2 steps with Tree Hut Shea Butter

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Who else has dry itchy skin now that the season has finally changed and it's winter. Well, almost winter. I was recently in Southern California and it was as hot there as it is here in the desert!

We got a winter like storm the past few days and it has made it a lovely shade of grey and blue with rain even!

So the weather change has some itchy skin symptoms and if you too have this, try some Tree Hut. The brand is made in the USA, easily available at Walmart stores nationwide and has a commitment to natural ingredients and practices.

This Shea Sugar Scrub with Brazilian Nut has a light grit to it and easy slip on the skin so no harsh dragging on sensitive parts.

The Tree Hut Shea Body Butter is thick and rich and moisturizing and on me, lasts through a hand wash. You can even get this on Amazon in a 3 pack at a sale price here

I think these products make a great Christmas gift for a teacher, service industry professional or co-worker.

Get yours today!
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