Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day and some beauty stuff
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Memorial Day weekend:
One for remembering and one for thanking and here’s to looking at the future!
I know that current media is saying one thing, though I choose to believe the Word of God and what He is saying about right now.

There are too many great and mighty promises ready to come forth to not press in higher to the calling of the Lord. Hear Him wooing you deeper and closer to Him!
This weekend as a holiday has gotten sidetracked from what it truly was meant for and that’s to honor and remember our service men and women.

I remember my mom telling stories of when she was a little girl that she and her sisters, with their mother would make red poppy flowers to put on the graves of the servicemen in their local town cemetery. They would also spend time cleaning up the grave sites.

I’ve never gone and done that, though I think that it is a memory worth keeping.
Does anyone still do this? Do you do it for the family members in your lineage that have gone on to Glory or do you also do it for the unnamed and unknown soldiers?
Just curious, please post a comment if you do. Thanks!

And a big prayer and heartfelt thanks to the past and present service men and women in our military branches!

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