Friday, May 29, 2009

The urban legends of beauty: what are yours?
16 Beauty Myths -- Busted!

We dug up the facts on everything from fighting cellulite to getting a "safe" tan

16 Beauty Myths -- Busted!

Beauty info gets passed through the generations but is some of it urban legend? See if you can determine what's myth and what's not.

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Okay, things like cat litter for clay masks, hemorroid creme for puffy eyes, or vaseline as a moisturizer? What beauty myth do you use or have tried?

One for sure that does work and is worth trying is two different types of at home exfoliators:

1. For soft hands: sugar and glycerin. The glycerin is something you need to buy at a drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS and it will be by the face cremes. Mix a bit together, enough to make a paste and wash your hands with it. Soft!

2. For exfoliation and revealing of new skin on dry chappy hands: lemon juice, olive oil, and salt! The fruit acid pulls off dead skin with the salt and the olive oil moisturizes. Wash your hands and enjoy the smoothness!
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