Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day sale! Tattoo equipment and airbrush makeup supplies? Save now & start up a biz this weekend!

Hi Ya Gorgeous!
I am mere moments from leaving for the best shabbat  ever in Vegas with my besties! It's Labor Day weekend and if you are traveling, be safe, wear sunscreen and look both directions before you cross the road!

Before I go I wanted to share with you about Access Tattoo equipment. They sell an airbrush set, for just about $60. That's right. $60. My Kett kit cost near $1000, and my Temptu kit cost about the same range. I have not purchased the home kit that Temptu sells at Sephora-the one that uses pods of liquid foundation instead of measuring out a cup full of liquid foundation.

So here is my thought-how different can the machines be? I see one of these Access Tattoo airbrush machines in  my future!

Click through now to see all the accessories that come with it-all you have to do is get some liquid foundation and pigments! Maybe a lil bit of self tanning solution too?  #TGIF ya'll! 

Compact Dual Action Airbrush Kit - Gray is part of Badah, Inc., one of the world's largest distributors of quality professional tattoo kits and tattoo equipments. As a result, we are able to carry an unparalleled wide-range of products to exceed any tattooing needs.

We offer state of the art tattoo kits, tattoo guns, tattoo machines, and tattoo supplies for the beginner tattoo artist and apprentices all the way up to the professional.

The objective of our company is to provide high quality low-cost products with world-class service and fast reliable shipping. With many years of experience, professional artists worldwide have preferred us as their choice of shop for tattoo supplies and equipments.

We are known for quality and service throughout the world for high valued tattoo kits and optimum tattoo guns.

Our Tattoo Machines are handmade and meticulously crafted with the finest materials to satisfy and exceed all levels of standards. At Access Tattoo, we inspect and test all of our tattoo products to ensure the highest of quality. Through many years of manufacture research and development, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our tattoo products.

Cutsomer Testimonials:
Just ordered a 4 gun tattoo kit. VERY pleased with the prices. haven't found a cheaper site with good quality guns. Can't wait for my kit to come in!! Will order from ACCESSTATTOO everytime!

 just received my kit with 4 guns and i couldnt have asked for more everything was well worth the money and everything runs perfect just gave a received the first tattos using the kit and everything went fine and there is no dout that i will continue bussiness with accesstattoos thank yall!!

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