Monday, August 19, 2013

Under the Dome: What will Carolyn do now that Alice is gone?

Oh Gorgeous, I am SO sucked in to watching Under the Dome.
It tarted out as a wee fancy since nothing else was really on, but now it's a full blown "inked" spot on my schedule that Monday nights are about wine, live Tweet and the Dome baby!

True, I was sad to see Alice Calvert played by Samantha Mathis die. But what I was really upset by is that it was so refreshing to see Samantha back in action and now she is gone.

What is Carolyn Hill going to do now? She and Norrie are alone and Under the Dome!

Now, a post wouldn't be a post on my blog if I didn't tie in a product somehow!
Meet Dorco Shai Double 3 Blade System for Women!

When I look at Carolyn's very closely shaved head, it makes me wonder what she uses to keep that cut so clean?  The actress Aisha Hinds has to keep her hair in that close cut while she is in character  for Carolyn. Since she is in 12 episodes, it means she has been wearing that cut for the better part of a year. Wow.

The sample I recieved sells online for $5.95! Whoa, that is so inexpensive compared to what I pay at the drugstore and Costco for shavers! Get you one!

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Now, a wee bit about Dorco Shair 3+3 shaver and stay tuned for a video too!

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