Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SXSW V2V: The Gold Spike Party & Chic CEO speaks this morning

Good Morning Gorgeous!
Oh it is a great day to be in Las Vegas! The SXSW V2V event is in full swing and building steam. Yesterday's opening and inaugural day was jam packed with speakers, panels and hands on event training that is producing our next wave of technology.

A highlight was the keynote meeting with Zappo's Tony Hsieh who taughts us two new 'isms.
ROC and ROL - return on community and return on luck. His entire talk was on the building of community and demonstrated what is going on in Fremont East, the
 area of down town Las Vegas that he is investing  in as a 'start up' city.

Now here is what you need to know: you  can  follow the events on Twitter by using #SXSWV2V

Be reading this morning for Chic CEO Stephanie Burns, the beautiful blonde in the photo with me below; she is speaking on the importance of Angel Investors-good times ahead!

 SXSW V2V is being held at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, let's just say it has flavor.  In this next photo I'm with one of my favorite new 'startups' at SXSW V2V, it's called Pop.Co and it makes the front page of website happen in a moment on a smart phone. It's so easy! Visit www.pop.co and get started!

SXSW is known for jam packing a day, but then the night gets even busier! The day for V2V moved from the Cosmopolitan via bus to the Downtown Las Vegas Fremont East area that Tony Hsieh of Zappo's is investing in as a 'startup' city. Learn more here: http://downtownproject.com/

The evening party for all the Party Pugs moved to the Gold Spike which is a revitalized casino space in down town Las Vegas. All the gaming has been gutted and now it's a huge fun space: part bar, part diner, part  oversized lawn games. It was so much fun. The food was good too! The jewelry photo is of a local artist who is part of the Downtown Project.

Here I am at the Gold Spike and now I've moved parties, from Tony Hsieh's Tech Cocktail to the Chic CEO XX pool party. It was supposed to be held at Stitch, the fashion tech center that is being funded by the Downtown Project but the head count got too big and had to be moved to the pool.

 I love vintage neon signs, like this one for Gold Spike. I must say, even though it's a 'bad' area geographically, it has a good vibe.

Ok, a party is not a party til something gets broke or someone goes in the pool. It did not take long for someone to go to the pool. BARE Cocktail mixers were on hand along with HINT water providing libations. Liberal libations.  Both of those companies are woman owned and run! Go XX!

See you at SXSW V2V today!

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