Tuesday, April 1, 2014

beauty ADDICTS Face 2 Face Creme to Powder Foundation=perfect for travel/play/work

 Hello Gorgeous,
Well, I was supposed to be home by now but the travel has continued. I'm not complaining, it's just, I am ready to be home with my kid and my cats! Oh the plants! Here's to praying Grandma remembered to water them!

So lucky for me I received some samples from beauty ADDICTS before I hit the road and thank goodness! I needed varying shades, that packed easy, were compact, won't spill and wear really well for camera and life.

Enter, beauty ADDICTS Face 2 Face Creme to Powder Foundations!


CREME TO POWDER FOUNDATION creates flawless coverage while providing incredible skin care benefits. The formula is rich in Vitamin A, E and Green Tea to soothe and protect skin while Dermaxyl smoothes and hydrates the skin. Our advanced Microsphere Technology helps diminish the look of fine lines for an instantly more youthful appearance.

Retails online for $45.00

The shade on the left is 01, and the one on the right is 02.

I have been using both! I run 01 through the center of my face and over eyelids and then use 02 to contour.
I can wear either shade all over, but it is much more fun, and easy ( contouring 101!) to use both colors.

Best of all, my experience so far is that a little bit goes a long way. I have used fingers and foundation brush ( both flat tip and pointed) but I have not used the sponge because I just have a sponge phobia. Plus I think that it wastes product and smears it over the face but never really applies?

But that is my personal experience with sponges. This foundation dries down to a nice semi-matte finish. On me and all my cremes it takes a moment to set up, but once it's in place it stays there and does not settle into fine lines or marionette lines.

The long short of it: I'm enjoying it and it's working all day, under hot lights, in bright sun, on set indoor and outdoor.

So, if you need a fast, functional foundation that travels well in purse, gym bag or makeup kit, try this one!

Plus, check out the other goodies on the beauty ADDICTS website, they are a sweet lil makeup boutique line and have the fun funky stuff makeup artists love.

P.S. Stay tuned for a You Tube video...when I get home and get rested!
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