Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Aviva Hair Growth supplement trial

 Hello Gorgeous!
Today starts a sampling and such of the Aviva Hair Growth Vitamin.

It's better than just taking a collagen supplement.

How Aviva Works

Our exclusive, GMO-free certified scientifically formulated Pentaplex and TetraPlex dual complexes work with the natural phases of hair growth. Aviva is the precise combination of daily nutrients every follicle needs. A blend of 18 botanical and nutraceutical ingredients nourishes strands from root to tip while supporting strength, length and luster.

Provides nutrients critical to hair follicle health and function.

A combination of fatty acids and plant-derived lipids preserve a healthy  environment for new growth.

These complexes and active ingredients provide the complete nutrition your hair  needs to be beautiful.

Without key nutrients, hair growth is inhibited. Aviva’s exclusive 18 key  ingredients and PentaPlex and TetraPlex dual complexes work with the natural  phases of hair growth to provide optimal  levels of these key nutrients. PentaPlex  provides the stuff critical to hair follicle  health and function while TetraPlex, a combination of fatty acids and plant derived  lipids, a healthy environment for  hair growth. Together, these complexes provide the complete nutrition hair needs to be beautiful.

+ Boosts Length
+ Builds Strength
+ Improves Texture
+ Increases Shine
+ Balances Hair Health
+ Reduces Shedding

So here is hair picture day 1-check back in a month and see the results!

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