Saturday, October 18, 2014

NOW by LuxHair for Sherri Shepherd: finally, right shade,size and style

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One of the things I love about hair and makeup, is the ability to look very different, very quick! As a little girl I loved to play dress up and let's face it, nothing has changed!

Enter the faux bang. Specifically the dark brown faux bang created by NOW by LuxHair for Sherri Shepherd.

So let's do a presto chango!

These are available on QVC, and currently on sale for $23.62 plus shipping and handling. Get some, because you may not need it now, but holidays are coming!

 The package contains one set of bangs with some side fringe that are wrapped in a net.

 To apply, start with a clean line of hair, no strays to itch or irritate you.

 Inside the faux bangs, there is a huge tag, and nice netting with strong clips. I am planning on cutting the tag out because once the bangs were on, I could feel it!

 So the flash on my camera has made this look light, but my hair is very dark brown and so are the faux bangs. You can see a seam where the bangs attach. As a short person, I wouldn't notice this, but for those of us short people with tall friends, the seam may be seen, or maybe not. More on that later.

 Ah ha! There are the faux bangs! I wish these came in a blunt style. I wore Bettie Page hair for a large part of my makeup career and sometimes, I want it back. But not enough to actually cut my hair and color it black again.
 Before I brush and comb these side fringes into the hair, I want to post a photo of letting the faux bangs show. It's a good match. I like the look, and I could get used to the feel. Wow. Look at my Native nose. Every time I think about a nose job I remember my ancestors paid for this schnoz in blood. So, there it is in all it's glory

 Finally, here is the NOW by LuxHair for Sherri Shepherd faux bangs available on QVC in a 50's styled hair and makeup. I'm getting ready for JP NSA in Memphis-oy-I'm beyond excited to be doing HMU for the team and their 50's inspired awards ceremony!

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