Monday, October 20, 2014

Who needs a high ponytail for work this week? WOW by LuxHair 22" pony tail

Happy Monday Gorgeous!
Need a fast fix for your hair today? Wanna wear something that is between Madonna and Arianna Grande?

Try this!

 This is going to be a whole lot simpler,faster and easier than you think!

I love wigs, hairpieces and glamorous stuff!

 I have two pieces to show you: one is in dark brown and one is brown black. I think the brown black matches my hair color best.

 Look at this photo-there is a lot of volume and you could blend the ends together by brushing.

 See inside the pony tail? It's a small net that you tuck your own hair into. Pull your hair into a small bun or ponytail. If you want to leave some of your own hair out, make a half pony tail to put this over and then pull up and pin your natural hair underneath the netting and clips.

 I'm wearing the brown color in this photo. It doesn't show the band and in my opinion, that's a good thing. The bump is just right for tucking a comb into. With feathers on it!

 See how full it looks! How long it is! That is all of the pony tail extension and none of my own hair.

 I apologize for the funky pictures....if you look at the crown of my head you can see the color difference but that's not what we are looking at here. Look at the fullness of the tail!

 Okay, now let's test the brown black tail. I love the color. Look at the package, it comes wrapped in netting and tucked securely in a box so there is no crushing of the fibers.

 Lots of fullness again and it can be styled with a heating tool, as long as it's not over 320 degrees.

 Again-the photos aren't quite what I would like but I had to work on the fly. This time I have positioned it high on the crown instead of with my ears.

 And I like it. This would be fun to mix some braids into.

 If you are a Arianna Grande fan, this can get you to her look in a matter of minutes. All of her high ponytails are extensions, that is not her real hair. So if you want to wear it, wear it!

Get yours online for about $44.00 here

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