Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunset Separates: a swimsuit for Catalina

Hi ya Gorgeous,
This week has been a whirlwind of travel and adventure.
Special thank you to Sunset Separates for the new two piece swimsuit to take along on a week of Catalina Island adventure.

I normally do my surfing, paddle boarding, boogie board, swimming, snorkeling in a long sleeve rash guard to protect my tattoos and skin from the sun and a pair of board shorts.

This is by far as close as I will ever come to the proverbial "itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini"!

There are many colors, styles and choices on the Sunset Separates website worth checking out for yourself or your retail business.

I did moderate swimming and snorkeling in the suit and there was a degree of support and coverage but not as much as I am used to.

What I like best is the full bum, not quite as full coverage as board shorts, but nothing like what else was walking around on the beach. I don't think those girls in the tiny tie side bottoms do much activity?

 The top: as a very full 34D which is actually closer to a DD, I found that the inside seams and band were strong enough to hold up to some moderate water activity-but I would not surf in this.

I think this set of swimsuit choices would be great for poolside lounging-like it's more Vegas than Catalina, or more cruise than kayak.
Either way, it was fun (and scary) to try something new. I wore the suit twice and upon hand washing at home, the underwires broke free from the seams. It was nice while it lasted.

Find yours here: Sunset Separates

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