Monday, October 13, 2014

Pix! by Petra for Fall break and beauty

Hello Gorgeous!
I am on the run! Busy between traveling and my son's Fall break.
I took these wonderful samples from Pix! by Petra along for the ride and the palette took me from day to night in no time!

 The Pixi by Petra line is a multi tasking product line created by a busy Mom and makeup artist.
Petra sure knows how to pack a lot into a little!

The line has some unique products that do double duty and from my personal experience, travel really well.

 You can get your favorite Pixi Beauty products online, or at Target stores.

 I love the eye shadow palette because it can go from day to night and be layered to increase depth, or as in the photo below, just a sheer wash of color to define my eyes before beginning the journey.
 The journey that lasted all day and involved, one car, one ferry, and a long walk to get to the destination!

These two goodies from Pix! by Petra are available at Target stores nationwide and in the $20 under range. It's a perfect way to jump start your holiday beauty!

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