Monday, October 27, 2014

HOW by Luxhair for Tabatha Coffey 10" extension for fast Fall and Holiday hair styles

Oh hello Gorgeous!

I'm home from Memphis-wow-what a trip! The city is beautiful and the people are so friendly!

So part of the 50's themed event, I used these 10" extensions from HOW by Luxhair for Tabatha Coffey.

There is a platinum and an ash blonde and I used both in creating 50's styles for my Juice Plus clients!

But before I get to what the styles looked like, I tested them on myself. Have I mentioned, that I test everything on me first?

 These are the two shades that came as samples from HOW by Luxhair for Tabatha Coffey.

 There is a thick sewn band, with lots of fullness of a smooth synthetic hair on a fish wire (my description, not theirs) halo that you wear on the crown of your head.

 For the giggles, I have the platinum on to show the contrast in my dark brown black'ish hair.

 Here's a close up to show how the HOW by LuxHair 10" extension blends in and looks natural.

And some pin curls and rolls for the 50's inspired hair styles!

 Get your HOW by Luxhair for Tabatha Coffey visit QVC!

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