Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Book of Life movie review

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It has been a long dry season of nothing to see for families at the theatre. The LEGO Movie and Mr. Peabody were the last ones we saw that were good from start to finish. That's a bummer because we LOVE to go to the movies!

My family did go see The Boxtrolls, and I'll have a report on that soon.

This weekend, we went to see The Book of Life movie because even though Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day is in theaters I chose not to see it because I don't want my son watching kids be disrespectful to their parents on the big screen.

So this is what my family thought...

We saw the movie in 3D because that is what was available at the time we were at the theater and honestly, this is the first 3D movie that I have seen that I think really warranted the 3D! Sorry Avatar!

I liked seeing a strong female character who gets educated. I enjoyed seeing the respectful behavior from all three of the children characters to their parents and grandparents.

I really liked seeing the family work together to achieve a goal. There is no foul language, and as far as I saw, there was not heavy sexual innuendo.

The animation is beautiful to look at and the soundtrack plays along in perfect time for setting mood and moving the story forward.

My son liked it, and most importantly, he liked it enough to stay in his seat the whole time. Yes, this is how I judge if a movie is family worthy or not-if it gets slow, boring, or foul language and sex comes on the screen, he will get up and wander around. Then making me have to whisper holler after him and wrangle him back into his seat.

Parents, this movie is worth your money and time. It's safe for the kids to see and fun too.

 Here's the gist of the story:

This film is a vibrant fantasy-adventure, tells the legend of Manolo, a conflicted hero and dreamer who sets off on an epic quest through magical, mythical and wondrous worlds in order to rescue his one true love and defend his village.





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