Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Essence: Go from Super Bowl beauty to Grammy Gorgeous with Essence new collection

Hello Gorgeous,

 Meet my son's Furby and the Winter collection of makeup from Essence Cosmetics.

I took these with me to the Super Bowl and now I'll also be using for the Grammy's party.
Let's meet the colors!

 The essence long lasting lipstick is $2.99 and long lasting is putting it mildy. I applied this color first thing in the morning on a dry mouth, with lip liner and smidge of lip primer. Whoa! Lasted all day! The colors and formulation are new to the line.

 This red is a berry tone and oh so Pantone 2015 color of the year Marsala looking. Again, the color lasted all through the night that I went to a Super Bowl party.

 These black and brown gel eye pencl are waterproof and $2.99. These on me were a bit hard. Like, when I go to line my eye the tip is very hard and drags firmly across my eye leaving a jagged line. Maybe it was the cold weather? Though one really good thing to know is those jagged marks on my eye-waterproof! In fact, eye makeup remover proof!

One other good thing to know-these were in my purse while I was at the Super Bowl Scottsdale Fan Fest and when I needed to write down a number, it doubled perfectly as a marker!

 Okay, these two lip glosses steal the show of Essence Cosmetics. Such high shine, moisture and long wearing! I LOVE them! The applicator is spongy with flex to it so it moves with the shape of your lip.

These are $2.49 and comes in 11 shades. No matter what your Grammy party look is, red carpet style or spring break needs are-get two of these stat!

And now for the Essence Get BIG! lashes volume curl mascara, $3.99. It has a large fiber brush for maximum volume.
I like the brush and the formulation though I found that it smudged on me. It could have been the continuous rainy weather in Scottsdale. I will be trying again this week at home and let you know on Instagram how it works for me!

Over all, I'm a fan of the Essence brand for it's great current look at an affordable price. It's a great way to update your beauty wardrobe while not breaking the bank!

Find your favorite essence cosmetics at and retailers near you!
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