Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TEEN WEEK: Go For It! A wee word of advice and encouragement from Ooh La Nicoise

 Hello Gorgeous!
Welcome to another feature in the TEEN WEEK 2015! Today, my guest bloggers are Jessica and Rebecca from Ooh La Nicoise.

These talented and generous ladies have a powerful word of encouragement for you! Read on!


We were recently interviewed by yoU Mag - an online Women's Empowerment magazine, and one of the questions in the interview was, "You two have embarked on something you're passionate about.  Many of us sit and day dream about things we wish to accomplish. For those who may need a little push or some words of encouragement, what do you want to tell them?" Our response was, "Go for it!"  

Yes, go for it!  We all have that little voice in our head that we hear when we get really excited about something, like when we have an idea that we think is great.  But more often than not, we hush that voice and we don't follow through on the idea because we talk ourselves out of it.  Thoughts like, "that's too much work," "no one will care" and "where will I even start?" creep into our head and we have squashed a dream before we even try!  But why?! Every great accomplishment started as an idea; a thought in someone's head....a thought that they didn't squash, because they weren't afraid to "Go for it!"  

So here's what you do, are you ready for this? You just start.... you sit down and come up with a plan.  When we started our blog, Ooh La Nicoise, we wanted to create a passion project without incurring expenses and without overwhelming ourselves by taking on a huge commitment all at once.  So we sat down, came up with a plan and started working that plan, piece by piece, every day.  Little by little our passion project has grown, all because we weren't afraid to just start.  You can do it too! Start small and keep it simple, allow your ideas to grow and develop over time!  You are capable of anything you put your mind to.  Have you ever heard the old adage, "How do you eat an elephant?"  Well, it's one piece at a time.  But the most important part is to let your creativity flow and see what develops.  When we started our blog, we had no idea television shows would be calling us, asking us to do food reviews on air, or that prestigious restaurants like PaliHouse would actually change their menu based on OUR recommendations.  But all of this has happened and much more is on the way, and it's because we had an idea, and we decided to take that idea and build it into something that we love, Ooh La Nicoise.  You can "Go for it" too, all you need to do, is start.  

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