Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pur Minerals Pout Pen: Lip Stain Plus Hydrating Balm for Spring Break travel: a 2 in 1 effort

Well la di da Miss Gorgeous!
 So the hub bub and hoopla of the award show season is over. Now it's about spring break and getting ready to travel light with products that do double duty!

I'm a fan of the Pur Minerals brand and this new Pout Pen Lip Stain and Hydrating Balm is just what you need for a travel friendly lip product!

 I have two colors: the purple tone is called Sangria and the red tone is called Cosmo. These retail for $20.

 This is a swatch of just the sheer balms that are on one end of the pen.  I think this end could be used for the day time look you are wearing.

 Now time to use the pen end that has a stain in it. My experience is there is a nice scent to the stain. The color is vibrant and wore on me for several hours. One caveat: it's a wee bitty nib of an applicator. In my photo, I have nothing else on, no foundation, no liner, no powder no nothin' so you can see as accurate as possible a color representation.

 In this photo  I am wearing the Sangria lip stain and hydrating balm. You can see the stain application is a little uneven. So word to the wise, when applying, be sure to apply your stain pattern carefully so you don't miss some spots!

Here's what the Pur Minerals website says about the product:

Get bold, long-lasting colour and a fresh looking pout with Pür’s newest lip innovation. Part lip stain, part hydrating balm, our 2-in-1 pens infuse your pout with a double dose of colour and soothing hydration. Loaded with nourishing natural extracts, each stain conditions lips while keeping free radicals at bay. Featuring a precision felt tip for foolproof application, our one-of-a-kind formula glides on as light as air for a highly pigmented stain that lasts and lasts. Paraben Free.
Pür Minerals does NOT test its products on animals.

No matter what you choose to do on your spring break, wear sunscreen, stay hydrated and most importantly, have fun and play safe!

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