Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FabFitFun Winter VIP box-unveiled!

Hi ya Gorgeous,
Lent has started. How ya doin'?

I'll tell ya how I'm doin'-I'm clickin' right along on my goal of training for a few marathon and triathlon events this year!

As if it wasn't already fun, enter the FabFitFun Winter VIP box.

I unveiled it on YouTube already-but today I want to share the Zuma dvd that is in the box and is mixing up my tri training. It's so fun! I love going to a Zumba class but there are not any in my area. Yes, I live in the sticks!

See that bottom right corner of this photo. That's the Zumba dvd-I've done it twice and I love it. There are about a dozen or so "music video" clips that are simple to follow.

Here is my FabFitFun Winter VIP box unveiling on YouTube. (p.s. I got my Winter box last boo the delay!)

For those of us who have been doing sprints, distance, and Zombies! Run! - this is just one more fun way to get the FitBit steps in.

Are you using FitBit? I'm on it. Love it. If you are too-add me! Let's encourage each other!

As Lent has begun, stay pure and modest in your thoughts and actions!
See you at the starting line!
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