Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Toni & Guy Glamour: Volume Plumping Whip and Firm Hold Hairspray- just what the Super Bowl weather needed and red carpets too!

Hello Gorgeous!

So the Super Bowl has come and gone from the state of Arizona. Thank you to every one who came out to the state for the Waste Management Open golf tournament with a return of Tiger Woods also.

Congratulations to the Super Bowl 49 winners the Patriots and a good game wish to the Seattle Seahawks.

Now-it rained the entire week leading up to the game and thank God that on Super Bowl Sunday, after the heavy fog lifted, the sun shined brightly and the weather was perfect for a football game.

I say all this because I used my samples of the new Toni & Guy hair styling products during the rain and shine. I had fabulous full hair the entire time! True, my unruly wavy hair took stride by the end of the day meaning I arrived at the Yandy.com party with a wild bush on my head versus the sleek polished look I had planned.

Never the less, I loved the full volume and control the Toni & Guy products  gave!

 So let's meet them and learn a bit more about them!

I was thinking of saving these products til the Oscars later in the month-but after my weekend experience with them-who can wait!

 Yes, that is one of my son's Furby toys in the photo. The Furby has come a long way since they started back in the 80's!

Now, my fave Toni&Guy sample is the Volume Plumping Whip. I used it on damp hair, worked a teaspoon size dollop from the roots to the ends and then blow dried and followed with light curling iron work to shape the ends.

Picture you ask? Yep. But on Instagram @CherelynnBaker , sorry-it was a fast and wet weekend and many times due to the rain I did not have my big camera with me, just my cell phone!

Here's a bit of detail about the volume plumping whip:

details: retails $14.99 (and worth it!)

Adds volume and body at the roots with flexible texture and movement through the lengths. Work through the roots of towel-dried hair before heat styling or diffusing, or through dry hair to create all day body without flyaways.


  • Styling Whip for Full Body and Flexible Movement
    Add impressive volume and body to your hair with the TONI&GUY Glamour Volume Plumping Whip. Applied at the roots, this styling product helps you achieve glamorous styles with flexible texture and movement.
    How to Apply
    Work through the roots of towel-dried hair before heat styling or diffusing, or through dry hair to create all-day body without flyaways.
    The TONI&GUY Glamour Collection
    If you like to grab attention with your head-turning, red carpet style, then Glamour is for you. Set your sights high with cocktail party looks created with products from the TONI&GUY Glamour collection. Creating the ultimate in hold and powerful body, your hair will ooze style and sophistication with a dash of glitz. The TONI&GUY Glamour collection includes Volume Plumping Whip and a Firm Hold Hairspray.
  • Express Your Style From the Head Down
    The Casual collection is part of the TONI&GUY styling range, which also includes Classic, Glamour, and Creative products. Each styling collection is designed to help you get the look you want, from smooth and polished to lush and voluminous.
  • Innovative Hair Care from the Runway
    With years of experience creating hair fashion trends and styling celebrities and top models, TONI&GUY understands that you fully express your personal style when your hair and wardrobe work together. Update your look with the TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe collection of cutting-edge, salon-quality hair care and styling products--all tried and tested backstage at international fashion shows.
    Package Contents
    TONI&GUY Glamour Volume Plumping Whip.

Opulent Volume

TONI&GUY Glamour Collection

 Now for the hairspray. Lovely scent, great hold, nice shine and texture to the hair. I like it a lot. It kept the shape and style of my hair through almost the entire rainy day. I was outside in the rain, no bumbershoot, and no hat.

 It retails for $12.99 and you can find both of these products at Target, and salons.

Get definitive hold and control that takes you from day to night. Spray evenly over dry, styled hair. It’s firm, reliable hold makes it ideal for up dos.

So what did you think of the Super Bowl?

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