Saturday, February 7, 2015

SpongeBob Squarepants Out of Water movie review: thumbs up fun for the family

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How is your Saturday? My weekend is amazing and doing the things the family loves; hiking, dune buggy riding and now grilling steaks for an outside picnic dinner.

If you and your family are thinking of a movie to go see, it's ok and worth the time and money spent if you go see the new SpongeBob Squarepants "Out of Water" cartoon movie.

Mancub and I saw it yesterday and we both laughed out loud.

Something to know (spoiler alert) the movie posters shows the SpongeBob Squarepant show characters "out of water" and in their super hero states. Note to parents: this happens at the end of the movie. So if you are like me, and sitting there thirty minutes in waiting for the 'real' movie to start-you are in for a wait.

It's a really funny animation movie that is beautiful to look at. The television cartoon didn't skimp one bit on rendering those blocky forms from the tv on to the big screen.

There is no cussing. No potty talk of any kind. No real violence, only some mild cartoon violence. There are several Easter egg adult humor dialogue moments that will go over a kid's head but a parent will catch and snicker at. I think it's to keep the parents entertained and interested in the movie.

My nine year old loved it. Wanted to go back in and see it again. Seriously?

The majority of the movie is like a long tv episode but it's definitely worth it.

See a full SpongeBob Squarepants Out of Water review and cast list here on IMDB.

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