Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscars 2015 tonight! Who wears what makeup on the red carpet?

Hi ya Gorgeous!
It's a fun day if you are a film fan and follower. Tonight is the 87yh Academy Awards now commonly known as the Oscars.

If you have seen a movie at all this year, it just may be nominated and possibly a contender to win this high honor in film making.

 The red carpet is the big deal and just as much part of the show now as the actual award ceremony.

Angelica Huston once said "going to the Oscars meant finding something to wear, putting some makeup on and curling your hair-now it's this big production".

Well, yes, Ms Huston-it sure is.

Professional makeup artist, hair stylists, designers and stylists all make up the big deal on the red carpet.
For a makeup artist, the look has to match the hair, the gown and last all day. Literally. The celebrity will go into hair and makeup in the early afternoon, and be on the red carpet for the pre-show by 4:30. Meaning the makeup has to last under weather conditions, lights, and just the body sweating and being under duress and nerves.

So what to use for a red carpet look that lasts?

My first choice would be professional air brush makeup like Temptu. They make a home kit for the moms and beauty bloggers of the world!

If the pods don't work for you, a classic air brush drop system is available from Luminess Air.

If even that seems like too much for you, one of my favorite brands that I was introduced to back in the days of doing my radio show "Best of Beauty" on Achieve Air is Classified Cosmetics ERA Face.

This is one of the best spray makeups and it wears as a foundation and concealer and dries down to a light powdery finish.

Now you have some ideas of how you at home can get an Oscars red carpet beauty look too!

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