Sunday, March 29, 2015

I Heart Radio Music Awards with Taylor Swift and Gerard Cosmetics Buttercup lipstick: so spring ready!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Did you watch the NBC broadcast of the I Heart Radio Music Awards? I saw some, but not much, because I love Twitter, and once I posted on my Twitter account about a pre-show red carpet look of Meghan Trainor, my phone began to blow up with the hashtag of #iHeartAwards ...

Nice to see the moment by moment experience of those in a different time zone enjoying the show, but as for me, it came as the bummer of reading every one's quotes of how awesome "......performance was!...."
No need to watch now, and then everything is on YouTube the moment it is happening. Oy. Love social media. Need to know better than to read it when I want to watch the show later!

I Heart Radio Music Awards recap: Taylor Swift was beyond darling in picking up her award! I love her understated  and chic makeup look!

Gerard Cosmetics Buttercup is what my guess is for her lip color. It's so perfect!

 Admit it, this color from Gerard Cosmetics new spring lip color Buttercup, is so perfect for the season ahead! Thanks Taylor Swift! Stay awesome and keep rocking that lip color!

Buttercup Lipstick

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Meet Jaclyn Hill's last lip creation with Gerard Cosmetics. Butter Cup,the perfect nude pink lip with a creamy and luxurious finish that glides on effortlessly for an ultra buttery and hydrating experience. Packed with pigmented and scented with our signature creamsicle scent, this lipstick will be your favorite everyday nude but also pairs well with a nighttime smokey eye.

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