Tuesday, March 3, 2015

illuMask: Light Therapy Mask for anti-acne

Hello Gorgeous
Well welcome to new technology in skin care. Meet illuMask Anti-Acne Light Therapy!

Have you tried this? Do you need to get your skin in shape for spring break?

I tried it and it has a nice warming sensation. It feels relaxing and comforting to the skin.

The picture above shows everything that you receive in the box.

This mask does not have UV rays and will not cause a tan on the skin or UV damage.

One size seems to fit most? It fits me and it also fits well enough on my son.

Targets acne-prone areas to eliminate bacteria that cause breakouts and blemishes for a smoother, clearer complexion
• Safe + Effective
• No Chemicals or UV Rays
• FDA Cleared

My personal big question is: for those of us who get regular chemical peels and use AHA based skin cleansers, is this safe to use? 

I tested it once but without any confirmation on safety with my chemical peels I have not used it again for concern of causing damage. When I find out more I will update the blog post!

You can find this and the anti-aging mask at mass retailers nationwide for about $30.00

La Lumière, LLC is an innovative skin care device company whose mission is to democratize advanced skin care technologies for home use. It has developed a proprietary line of light based phototherapy devices for the personal care market under the brand illuMask®.
La Lumière brings together a team with deep expertise in product development, manufacturing, and health and beauty care marketing, and the company also includes prominent dermatologists and plastic surgeons as advisors.
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