Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Too Faced Cosmetics for the I Heart Radio Awards festival and more

Holla Gorgeous!
It's Wednesday. Anything can happen.
Let's just say it's an ummy yummy makeup day as I get a look together for the I Heart Radio Music Awards show. Oh, and some spring break fun too!

 Too Faced Cosmetics makes the most fashionable and wearable cosmetic looks available. While doing it with a high regard for fashion and style.

 These Too Faced Cosmetics Soul Mates bronze and blush compacts are amazing! One is peach and one is pink and both are amazing! It's the perfect red carpet and spring break travel beauty look!

 Oh and Gorgeous, stay tuned for some sample and swatch with "look" videos using these palettes. The colors are beautiful, pigment loaded and perfect for a day or night look. I use with the Too Faced primer and find that the eye shadow look can last a long time through humidity, sweat, nerves and weather!

 The natural Too Faced palette is on the left of the photo and a sugar baby version  for the rockers and party nights is on the right. I use the bold colors for eye liner and making a strong 'pop' on the corners of my eyes. Love it!

 It is true that I have saved the best for last. This new Too Faced No Filter powder is amazing! I love how each of the powders creates a 'filter' of it's own on your face. Choose to use it as a highlighter or contour or all over, it blends easily and wears wonderfully.

I put mine on alone, over foundation, and over powder.I like the look best over a powdered foundation application on me. It gave more oomph and wear to the Too Faced Cosmetics No Filter Selfie powder colors.

Speaking of selfies, anyone else get a selfie stick? I got one, but the instructions are so complicated and require an additional two apps to download to make it work, I'm just going to stick with using my own arm!

Get Too Faced Cosmetics at Sephora, Ulta and major retailers near you!

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