Sunday, March 29, 2015

TouchBack color shampoo/conditioner and the I Heart Radio Music Awards tonight! Did you vote?

Hello Gorgeous,
 I pray you are enjoying an amazing Sunday! I know I am!
I am ready to watch the I Heart Radio Music Awards tonight on NBC. 

Of course I have a product to review for you too! I think a fast way to get red carpet ready is a freshening of your hair color without the down time of being in the salon chair. Try TouchBack temporary hair color shampoo and conditioner.

So sometimes between colors, it gets a bit dull and if time is of the essence, try a color matching shampoo and conditioner. I'm using the dark brown.

 I have light brown hair with more than my fair share of greys! I get my hair colored regularly and in the summer I move to a wide swatch of medium toned highlights.

So here is the before picture...
 Then I get in the shower and use these two products from TouchBack. I liked the conditioner more than the shampoo because it did not have enough sudsy lather for me. Now something to note, that I was on day 3 of dirty hair and had just been through a rain and dust storm. So it's possible that my hair was really dirty?

 I noticed little pigment in the shampoo and a LOT of pigment in the conditioner. In fact, I recommend that you use a pair of gloves when applying the TouchBack color conditioner to your hair. Why? Because it took some rapid scrubbing to get the dark brown palm look off!

 This is the after photo: my hair has been washed and conditioned (let it set for 2 minutes on my hair in the shower) and then blown out.

Looks freshly dark, doesn't it?

Get your TouchBack at CVS stores nationwide or online!

Who are you voting for to win tonight on the I Heart Radio Music Awards?

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