Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Break scents with Piper's Perfumery & Bodycology

Hello Sunday Gorgeous!
Some schools in Arizona have already started their spring breaks. My son's starts as of tomorrow on Monday, though we already have been traveling in a "spring break" party to Tucson and back again.

I will share some photos from the Biosphere 2, Flandrau Planetarium, Old Tucson Studios and Steward Observatory Mirror Lab.

It was hot, sweaty, windy, dusty, cold, and raining! We went through so many weather patterns it was  weird!

Normally, Mancub and I travel to Legoland in Carlsbad for some spring breakery fun-and usually end up at the Midway or Maritime but this year, it was all Tucson.

In my opinion, events need a scent and these light body sprays from Piper's Perfumery and Bodycology are affordable and perfect for layering with a body lotion or just as a light mist of scent

 Have I mentioned how much I love fragrance?

Ok-so here is the details on the two new Piper's Perfumery scents I have: Morroccan Dream and Delicate French Vanilla. Each can be purchased at Walmart for $4.98 - perfect for a spring break budget!

Delicate French Vanilla

Just like the look and feel of classic French lace, this demure fragrance evokes romance and delights the senses. With top notes of Sweet Orange and Warm Vanilla, Delicate French Vanilla opens with a sweet and charming scent. Mid-notes of Vanilla Orchid and Brown Sugar create a luxuriant fragrance that ends with dry notes of Sweet Amber, Cedar Wood and Creamy Musk.

Moroccan Dream

Transport yourself to an exotic getaway. Moroccan Dream is a tropical and fruity blend with top notes of Exotic Mango, Pink Grapefruit and Tangerine Sugar lead into mid tones of Tropical Melon, Orange Hibiscus and Juicy Mandarin, and end with dry notes of Sunrise Vanilla, Sensual Woods and Malibu Musk.

Piper’s Story

Piper’s Perfumery knows that women like variety. From clothes to jewelry to fragrance, women like to express their attitude and personality through what they wear. As a busy mom and the CEO/Founder of her own company, Cindy McClain was looking for a fragrance that smelled remarkable, but was light enough to change out during the day according to her mood or occasion. From this notion, Piper’s Perfumery was shaped. Bringing life to the brand, Piper is the aspirational yet relatable girl-next-door who exudes confidence and beauty in the most approachable way. Inspired by Piper’s everyday lifestyle, our collection of fragrance mists transports the user into a particular mindset from a carefree weekend to an alluring, romantic night. Our goal is to empower women to channel their inner Piper. We believe that every woman should have access to a full range of fragrances that allow them to express their attitude, mindset and lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Thanks Piper!

Now meet Bodycology's new scent Cherish The Moment. It has a matching body lotion and body gel that can be purchased at Walmart.

I like how this scent finishes and dries down to a soft, powdery floral. Remember to pick a new fragrance for your adventures so you can create a scent memory!

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