Sunday, March 15, 2015

NASCAR at PIR and LA Looks hair gel: what driver uses what gel?

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh Sunday! Beautiful Sunday!
It's race day at the Phoenix International Raceway and as the race cars start their engines I too will be starting mine as I prepare to drive home!

 Before I go, here is a few of the NASCAR drivers from Team Chevy and their hair-as seen by me as a good candidate for the L.A. Looks hair gel!

The LA Looks brand of hair gel is a generous size for a minimal price. You can find the brand and it's varieties at mass retailers like a Walmart for about $3.00.

To start, the clear LA Looks Absolute Styling get in Wet Look is a level 10 hold, wtih TriActive technology.

 Now take a look at NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson otherwise known as car #48-his hair is short, and with a dab of the LA Looks hair get it could have a dash of more style before it gets put into the racing helmet.

 The green hued LA Looks Absolute Styling Flex Hold would be perfect for keeping the waves in place on NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne.

 Kasey Kahne has a medium textured hair with a little bit of length on it and the level 8 hold of the LA Looks Flex Hold would do just right for him to keep the waves formed and separated.

 Finally, the LA Looks Absolute Styling Define & Shine is a level 8 hold with anti-frizz control to it.

 NASCAR driver Ty Dillon has a short on the sides cut with a bit of texture and length on the top. Just work a wee dollop, about the size of a nickel, into the palm of your hands, activate by rubbing together a little bit and then run through the hair and pull the front pieces in to place. Let it set up a few moments and then I think his hairstyle would be race ready!

Safe travels to all of you who went out to Phoenix International Racetrack today to enjoy the race!
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