Monday, March 9, 2015

Too Faced Cosmetics-the look of spring break, red carpets and fashion weeks everywhere.

Happy Monday Gorgeous!
It's late. I'm posting late. I was just about to set it to my usual 5:00 a.m. scheduled post time, and then thought, "self, I'm going to do something different!".

I'm late because I was on an event in Las Vegas for NASCAR. Now when I got home late yesterday I immediately walked through the door running to catch up to what my family had been doing over the weekend during my absence.

That brings me to a busy Monday and hey, here I am, watching The Voice (OMG, it must be a new season because I rarely watch TV!) and need to get a post up today to keep in my commitment with daily blog posts and also get one ready for tomorrow.

So let's talk makeup!
Specifically, let's talk Too Faced Cosmetics and the many looks from day to night they provided for me in the event!

 Okay-this photo shows the look that I wore in many combinations at the weekends' event. Then, it also shows what is being used on red carpets and at fashions weeks worldwide!

Wait, let's just talk fashion weeks now. I'm so glad for the invitations to go, only problem is, I get the invite after I am already booked for the same time in a different place. So as much as I want to attend, I can't!

And, now, back to Too Faced Cosmetics!

 If you need to have your eye makeup last and your lipstick not feather and run up towards your nose, you must use the Too Faced Cosmetics Shadow and Lip Insurance!

 I have used both and they are silky smooth in application, and truly do make your eyeshadow last for hours with the same pigment intensity as if you had just applied your eye makeup.

 I love the Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Insurance because I needed to wear a bold lip color from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. and this product kept the color true and in place. All  I had to do was reapply my gloss.

 I am using the Too Faced Cosmetics Au Natural Matte palette and creating a day eye to a smokey eye.

 The colors are pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. They blend beautifully.

 The large pan of shadow is for your all over color and the smaller pans are for crease, accent and eyebrows!

 I'm using a variety of brushes in the photos-see any you recognize?

 Something of note, all of the shadows in this palette from Too Faced Cosmetics have racy and sassy names.

 Each I have been a fan of the Too Faced Cosmetics brand for a long time love how they continue to push the envelope in colors and creative answers to cosmetic needs.

 Time to contour my eyes with "sexpresso" (ha!) and I use this same color on my eyebrows.
 Note to you, these shadows are so pigmented that a little bit goes a long way!
So apply a little and slowly build for intensity, otherwise if you load up your brush and put too much on at first you will be stuck in a muddy mess!
 To keep the eye uniform looking i use the sexpresso shadow in my eyebrows and also as an eyeliner.

 I simply wet the brush and rub it in a small area of the shadow pan so I don't ruin the whole thing, just the corner!

 Note: I did apply the Too Faced Cosmetics Shadow Insurance to my eye brows also to help them last!
 I always use an eye shadow/brow powder in my eyebrows because the pencils always fade on me. I'm looking into using some of the eyebrow mousse that I've been seeing. Have you tried a brand you love and recommend?
 Time to finish my face! There are two shades of the Too Faced Soul Mates and I'm using the Ross & Rachel with is part bronzer and part pink blusher.
 I'm such a bronzer fan. I do not go a day without wearing bronzer.
 There is a light shimmer to the bronzer and the pink is a hint of color. Perfect!

 Special thanks to Too Faced Cosmetics for these amazing samples! I'm all made up and ready for the event! My Instagram is full of photos from the event and from the first photo the last, my makeup is intact!

Find Too Faced products at ULTA Beauty stores nationwide and online!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!