Sunday, February 28, 2016

3 new lip products to take you from the Oscars red carpet to the prom or spring break vacation

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Sunday. This day is many things.
1. The Walking Dead is on tonight and I can hardly wait to find out what happens.
2. I'm en route to Vegas for my flight to Atlanta. Have I ever mentioned I'm not exactly fond of flying?
3. The Oscars are on tonight.

So with all of that said, let's talk about how March is packed with so many events and activities and stuff!

 Like prom, spring break, Easter and a whole lot more.

So for all my Beauties getting ready to take a trip or attend a big event, if you want to have a fresh lip look while respecting the budget, then consider these 3 different types of lippies from essence cosmetics!

A lip gloss, a highly pigmented liquid lipstick and of course, a good ol' fashion hydrating lipstick.

You can find essence cosmetics at Target and these are in the $5 range. Not too shabby for a fresh look for your vacation, prom, Easter brunch or just a need to scratch your makeup itch!

Let's take a closer look at the colors from the essence cosmetics spring color story! Note, in the photo, I am not wearing a lip liner or lip primer so you can see the true color of the product on the lip.

 This lipstick is slickery on the lips, moisturizing and the feel and colors wears for several hours. It's in the color 03 BFF.

 Tee hee...these glosses are a staple and favorite in my pro kit for giving to brides when I do their makeup and I love the esssence cosmetics XXXL Shine lipgloss on my own lips! There is high shine, moisture and it too is slickery on the lips which means it wears smooth not tacky on the mouth. It does not hold up through a lot of talking or sipping. No worries, they are super affordable, so just put some more on!

This is new for essence cosmetics and I love the cheeky play on packaging. This is a liquid lipstick, so it applies like a gloss with a doe foot though has the high shine and wear of a lip gloss with the intense pigment of a lipstick. If you look carefully at the clear plexi plastic tube, the inside is shaped like a traditional bullet of lipstick! Cheeky!

I'm wearing 04 Show Off! and I have two thoughts, I love the color, pigment load, shine, and smoothness on the lips,'s in that weird shade that makes teeth look yellow. Like it's a blue/orange base color and it's just enough to make my white teeth look yellow. I don't know why. I wear this with a blue/pink toned liner to turn the entire shade more of a cool pink.

Final thoughts, too finish off your prom, spring break and Oscar red carpet face, pick up the essence cosmetics new Smokey Kohl 2-in-1 eyeliner that is super delicate. My son was looking at it, dropped it, and the nib of product broke off at the base. Great. The one time I used it, I loved and it was so smooth on the eyelid, no tugging! Lots of pigment too!

 Oh! This is one of my fave, fave, favorites in essence cosmetics. They did an entire series of "boxes" of makeup and this is the contour/highlight box and it's so pretty on and functional. I recommend this to my beginner makeup users/artists because of it's usefulness and price.

Out of everything that I have shown you here in this prom, spring break and Oscar red carpet looks, this is my least favorite. The essence cosmetics I Heart Extreme mascara. I have large eyes with a lot of eye lid skin. On me, this mascara wears thin and then smears within an hour making a black slick under my eyes. No bueno.

The essence cosmetics blush up! powder blush in 20 Pinky Flow is pretty with a light load of pigment. I wear this in a pop of color over my normal daily bronzer.

Find all of these products from essence cosmetics at Target!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!