Saturday, February 13, 2016

What a fragrance lover wants for Valentine's Day: solid perfume from Soap and Paper Factory

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Saturday to you!

It's hot here in Arizona! Like the weather went from winter to summer in one day!

You know what's good for warm weather? Solid perfumes. You know who makes great ones? Soap and Paper Factory.

These scents are delicious, complex, have warm up time to the layers of scent and linger in the skin longer than a spray.

 These are the best Valentine's Day gifts or for any gift giving opportunity whether for yourself or a teacher, hair dresser or birthday! Soap And Paper Factory have a commitment to small batch, hand made, natural ingredient products. They are wee tubs of love!

See the small hand written numbers on the bottom edge? That's the batch number! Not the factory stamp from the line, but the mark of the person who made it. I think that is priceless.

 Now for those who read Makeup University regularly, you know that I am the biggest fragrance lover. These solid perfumes are dear to me! They travel with me and are perfect for being TSA approved, able to go in the purse, on the plane, and on and on with me. 

 On the left of the photo is Lavender, then Midnight and then Gardenia. Did you know, Gardenia is one of my all time favorite scents? Love, love, love it!

Here's a lil bit on the scents from the Soap and Paper Factory website. That's also where you can buy these little beauties for $18.00 each!


Lavender, Citrus Lavendula
We don't travel without Lavender!boxed  .5 oz   Available in Bubble Bath, Soap, Hand Cream and a Candle!


Gardenia, Coconut & Citrus
Mysterious and Relaxing!  Gardenia comes boxed and is .5 oz.  Available in Bubble Bath, Soap, Hand Cream and a Candle


 Jasmine, Tuberose, Citrus
Midnight is the Ultimate Floral. Absolutely Femme!
  Midnight comes boxed and is .5 ounces, and is available in Soap, Hand Cream, and a Tin Candle

 Side note, this can be used as a hair pomade also!

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