Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl Sunday: the recap, review and intro video for you

Hi ya Gorgeous,
So today is Superbowl Sunday. For those who watch football, it's a big deal. For those of us who like the commercials and the half time show, it's an ok deal. Nowadays with everything being on Youtube, there isn't a huge need to watch the game in my opinion.

So, instead of having a "football look" or "Superbowl style" video or post, I've got a wee chit chat to do a light review, a simple recap and introduce you to the big deal for the blog coming up next week.


I've been writing Makeup University for ten years now. Ten. Years. One of my favorite things about the blog that started the second year of it's inception is the focus on encouraging young women at the beginning of the year. Somehow, the beginning of the year became the second month and that's ok by me because I feel like blending a celebration of young women in the month that we celebrate love AND Arizona's birthday is a good fit.

Please enjoy the video and comment your opinion. If you have not subscribed to the Makeup University YouTube channel yet, please do!

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