Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lovatics by Demi palette by NYC review for TEEN WEEK

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TEEN WEEK is moving forward and today I have a review and video of the new NYC eye shadow palette full of beautiful nude shades inspired by and co-created with Demi Lovato.

 Let's get to the NYC Lovatics by Demi palette and some TEEN WEEK talk!

She has gone through a lot of bullying and body shaming issues from her life in the public eye. When we think about the theme this year of RE:Calibrate, you can see how far she has come and how strong her self esteem game is right now.

Though there were dark days for her and there may be some for you too? No matter what is going on, you are beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made! No one can make you feel ashamed or less than of yourself - unless you let them.

The old adage of "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is something of days gone by. Today a slew of mean words can pierce even the strongest of armor.

I encourage you today, that if you are experiencing any form of bullying, that you get your courage up-tell a trusted loved one and go public with it. The harassment always seems to happen in the dark and quiet places. Evil likes to lurk.

So shine some light on it! Be courageous!

Here's a lil video review and some photos of the product for you and then a little Demi Lovato tune too! You will love these eye shadows, they have a good pigment load and blend really well.

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NYC Lovatics by Demi
NYC Expert Last lip color in: Chelsea Cherry and Tribeca Mocha
essence cosmetics soft touch mousse makeup 07 matt nude
essence cosmetics contour powder bronzer/highlighter 01 light
essence cosmetics make me brow eyebrow gel 02 browny brows
essence cosmetics I Heart Extreme mascara in black
essence cosmetics lip liner in soft berry

Music: Epidemic Sound
Composer: Martin Carlberg
Western Swing Melting Pot 1

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Now enjoy some Demi Lovato singing "Let It Go" !

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