Sunday, February 21, 2016

Miss Spa travel masks: how to go from winter schedule to spring break fun!

Hi ya Gorgeous

So the winter is not quite over yet because the almanac of weather says that it won't be Spring until Febuary 21st. Note, it's hot, like unusually hot for Arizona in the northwest in February.

No worries. I have been traveling alot and I have a myriad of skin care resources with me and one of them is the Miss Spa re-usable ( up to 3 times) mask.

 This little bag is resealable and reusable for up to 3 applications!
Curious? Read on...

I have used these at home, and on travel and on a plane: each with success! It's a clear'ish cream with a gel like consistency.

 For me, the Miss Spa masks are easy to apply a thick layer on and go to bed, or go on to the airplane.
Why the airplane? Because I do not want to "dry out' in the air before I get to the set when I land.

 As you can see, there are many choices from moisturizing, to anti-aging, to purifying and  a radiance version to help increase the healthy glow of your facial skin.

 So far, I have slept in the mask, and felt like even though the bag says there are 3 uses in the satchet, I actually felt like I needed most of the pack. I applied it, then it dried into my skin, so I applied more and went to bed. So basically, for my dry skin, I needed two applications to saturate my skin overnight.
 Miss Spa masks are available online and at Target stores nationwide.

 No matter what your skin condition is,these masks are perfect for what you need!

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