Monday, February 15, 2016

TEEN WEEK 2016 is here! RE:Calibrate

Hi ya Gorgeous!
I'm so excited that my favorite part of writing Makeup University is finally here! Say hello to:

On the days when I get tired and draw a blank on what to post, I remember that February is coming and the chance to devote an entire week to encouraging young ladies is too!

This year, the theme is RE:Calibrate and in the areas of self esteem, health, destiny, finances and more!

To kick it off I have a fun mystery giveaway for you! It's a goodie beauty bag full of some of my favorite products  from Murad, Smashbox, essence cosmetics and more! Details to win will be below at the bottom of the post.

Why did I choose RE:Calibrate as the theme for this year?

Because I feel like in this year of Jubilee that many of you are going to experience a radical shift in your being. A boldness will come upon the meek.

The forgotten and hidden will come into the light and have their moment to shine.

For any young lady who feels like she is not enough, I'm here to tell you that you are. You are perfectly made just the way you are and there is no need to try and force yourself to become like anyone other than you!

As the winter thaws, and the spring comes I encourage you to let the ice break away from your dreams and to allow the sun to warm the secret places of your soul where your dreams have been sleeping!

Now is your time to shine!

RE:Calibrate your dreams from the back of your mind to the  front and begin to write your stories, books, apps, songs, scripts, and business ideas! Now is your time to seize the moment!

TEEN WEEK 2016 Mystery Beauty Bag Giveaway

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