Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3 top products from Younique you should try now

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Oh these days are going so fast! I am gobsmacked at how fast the time is going. How can it be the end of February? How can I be a few days away from leaving for Atlanta? Sigh. Going forward with good intentions.

Now, let's take a look at some goodies from Younique and how they can get you an Oscars red carpet look and an Easter brunch one too all while keeping your face hydrated and camera ready!

 Okay Beauty,
I am not a distributor for the brand though I did receive some samples to review for the blog.
So far, so good! I tested the 3D fiber mascara and liked it, though had a challenge with the fibers getting into my eyes and being an irritant.

These lip products from Younique are cray cray amazing!

 The lip gloss is called Lucrative and the color is Luxe. It's shiny and smooth without tackiness on the mouth. It's available for $15.00 on the Younique website or through a distributor.

The lipstick is Moodstruck Opulence in Vain and sells for $19.00 on the Younique website or through your local Younique distributor.
 Now this little goody is the one I'm most excited about, the Younique refreshed Rose Water is a replenishing botanical boost that can tone your skin when it's clean and help set your makeup when you are finished.

So far, I've been hosing down with this through out the day because the desert winter is drier than ever!

It has a fresh scent, has a medium weighty feel to it, and absorbs into skin leaving a hydrated look and filling in fine lines caused by environmental dryness.

Overall, love it!
It's available on the Younique website for $29.00. Now, it's only 1.35 ounces so I am going to try and take this on the plane with me to Atlanta and pray the TSA doesn't steal it like my other makeups and fragrances that were the TSA required size ...yet the agent took it anyway!

Younique is made in the USA. If you see something you like, find a Younique distributor in your area because you will help build a fellow ladies business!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!