Thursday, December 22, 2016

10 Beauty Gifts a Beauty Lover Wants

Hi ya Gorgeous!
How is it that Christmas and Hanukkah are officially 2 days away? This has been the weirdest, most odd non-holiday year ever. Can't quite put my finger on it as for why, but it just has been.

Today, I share a top 10 list of beauty items that any beauty lover would want as a gift - or maybe it's just something that I would want!

Enjoy the list and be sure and comment what it is that you would want as a gift!

10. A manicure and pedicure kit that comes with a powered took to buzz gel nails off. 
I love the look and wear of gel nails but soaking them off is such a pain I rarely get a gel polish manicure unless I have to!  This Fyola kit comes with what you need to take great care of natural nails while also providing a powered tool to help buzz off the manicure without a mess soak. Get it here

9.  Biotin hair and nail supplement 
Don't be shy about giving this as a gift - trust me- people want it. In fact, anyone with hair, skin or nails needs this and wants it and would love to get it as a gift. Even if they poo poo it at first, 30 days later when they see the results in their  luscious locks and strong natural finger nails they won't poo poo it anymore.
Give this because it gives back in more ways than one! Get it here!  

8.  Himalayan rock salt lamp

I have been wanting one of these for some time now for the supposed suggestion that they help clear the air, help with allergies and produce a calm environment. For a person with allergies and anxiety this seems like a great gift to give and get. You want one too? Get it here!

7.  Luxurious bath products
 So I'm not a sit in the tub bath taker - but I really like luxurious bath products from thick rich gels and big fat bars of hand made soaps to this amazing bath honey from Laura Mercier.

 You want it? Get it here!

6. A deeply nourishing hair mask for weekly treatments during the winter to make hair summer ready!
I love this brand and it is worth the price! So effective and healing to hair!

This is a good product to have on hand year round and getting it for a gift this season is awesome!
Get yours right here!

5. Fragrance - Fragrance - Fragrance!
Don't be shy about giving a fragrance and Christmas and Mother's Day are the best times to buy fragrance.

Even if you don't know one thing about what they like - young tend to like sweet and mature tend to like classic and earthy. I for one, don't have this new fragrance from Marc Jacobs and want it! Get it here! 

 4. Skincare. Really good skincare  and get a set while you are at it!

I've been a rabid fan of Murad Skincare forever but I am thinking I want to try La Mer now.

Either way, you can't go wrong with giving a gift set of great skincare and just make sure you get a gift receipt.
 Note: yes, all beauty, skincare, makeup products can be returned WHEN they have the receipt and original packaging, all parts that go to it. So if you get a gift set and it has mini samples in it, when you return, the minis need to go back too, even if it's been used.  It gets damaged out and doesn't go back into the sales floor and you will either get a refund or store credit.

3. Some fancy makeup palettes - especially those for travel!
I love a product that I can keep in my purse that is perfect for a full face, including brows, liner and shadows that can also double up as some contour, highlight and bronzer or blush.

I really like this mini palette from Smashbox but there are many other complete face kit palettes out there - choose one in your budget and give it as a gift knowing that the recipient has something that can be used everyday at their makeup station or go on the road and in the plane if need be!

2. Something pretty to sip on while getting glammed up!

Every day you wake up to breathe and live again is a reason to celebrate! New Years eve is coming up and with Christmas and Hanukkah being on top of each other this year it's even more reason to celebrate! So give a gift to toast with!  Get this fancy glitter champagne bottle here!

1. and finally ...the best gift a beauty lover wants is a professional beauty treatment! Whether it's microblading, botox, deep skin peel or tightening laser, don't be shy in giving a gift certificate to a medical spa for a gift this year. I would dance a jig of delight to see a gift certificate to a med spa!

Here are some to choose from and remember to do some due diligence and research online at a med forum like Real Self before committing to an appointment!
And ask for a free consultation first!

Murad Spa Los Angeles  - I have visited the El Segundo spa which recently closed and it was amazing. I'm looking forward to visiting the Los Angeles spa this spring!

I'm in Arizona and work in Las Vegas a lot - so these are the treatment centers that I have visited and my experience. Do your research and ask for referrals before using your gift certificate!

Derma Health   These are popular in Arizona, I went once, and the place was physically dirty and gave me the creeps. I see they have mixed reviews - so again, just do your due diligence!

The LaFranchi Center   In Las Vegas, I had a facial here and loved the staff, the cleanliness, and Dr LaFranchi was awesome in articulating what he was going to do and how. I loved my results and look forward to going back soon!

Agave Med Spa   In Tucson Arizona, I have not been here but I am about to spend some time working in Tucson and want to have a respite spot to go to. I will share my experience after my visit!

Ok friends - gift getters and gift givers - I hope this list helps you make a great gift giving choice!
Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Well hello New Year!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!