Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday hairstyle with Salon Grafix High Beams Intense

Hi ya Gorgeous,
The countdown to Christmas is on! Do you have any more holiday parties to go to? Are you doing a big NYE look for an event this year?

Weirdsville. My son and I always travel for a New Year's Eve adventure and not this year. Nada. I don't even know how that happened!

I digress.

For you and your upcoming soirees - consider picking up a couple of cans of Salon Grafix High Beams Intense color sprays for your hair. It also comes in sparkly glitter for those of you who want to have some extra shine at the party.

These are super affordable and easy to use. Simply shake and spray.  One thing to note though, on my dark hair it does not show very bright. The blue, I wish it was a bright streak like the photo on the can, alas it is not.

The copper color makes a really pretty highlight - so if you are doing rolls, curls or fancy braids, put a streak of copper in it then coordinate your manicure or lipstick with the copper tone. Chez elegant!

Let me know if you have fancy party plans! 

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