Monday, December 12, 2016

12 Days of Giving with Sally Hansen Color Therapy nail polish AND a random act of kindness for animals

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday to you! Today on the Makeup University blog I have a Monday Mani tip for you for having an awesome manicure for the busy holiday season.

I'm loving this new line of polish from Sally Hansen called Color Therapy - it helps care for the nail while you wear a gorgeous look!

It's color that cares while you wear!

Introducing new Color Therapy™, gorgeous color that cares while you wear! The patented argan oil formula fuses intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthy looking nails.
9 out of 10 women experienced a noticeable improvement in their natural nails after wearing the Color Therapy™ nail polish.
Up to 10 days of fade-proof, chip-resistant wear.
Available in 38 stunning shades.

Step 1: Apply one coat of Color Therapy™ to clean, dry, nails and allow to dry for 2-3 minutes.
Step 2: Apply a second coat of Color Therapy™ and let dry thoroughly.
Step 3: Top it off with Color Therapy Top Coat™ for glossy shine and extended wear.
Finish by applying Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil™ for nails and cuticles that instantly look healthier, restored, and rejuvenated.
The colors I have are from the thumb to the pinky:
Sheer Nirvana, Rosy Quartz (my personal fave) Re-nude, Powder Room, Glow with the Flow and then the clear coat!

These are the perfect stocking stuffer for  the nail art and manicure enthusiast! Find at CVS, Walmart and online at the Sally Hansen website!

Now for some random acts of kindness suggestions!

“Adopt” an animal shelter worker. Granted, this one isn’t helping an animal specifically—but it is an indirect way to show kindness to animals. I’ve written about the serious problem of compassion fatigue before. Shelter workers have tough jobs, and they’re on the front lines helping animals in all sorts of difficult and often emotionally wrenching situations. Showing gratitude and random acts of kindness and even pampering the workers at your local shelter can give them a little boost of happiness in their day. If you provide a service in your full-time job (like haircuts, nails, massages), offer a freebie. Or drop off a small Starbucks gift card, a batch of homemade cookies or a handwritten card saying “thank you for all you do.”


 Stay awesome everyone!

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