Thursday, December 8, 2016

12 Days of Giving and Random Acts of Kindness with RG Cosmetics

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
Yesterday I introduced you to the RG Cosmetics hair care line and today I want you to meet an answer to a super sleek blow out while treating and healing your hair at the same time.

The Keratin X-press with Argan Oil styling spray is amazois in my humble opinion.

Skip the salon blowout and create a perfectly sleek blow-dry at home, every time. KeratinX-press delivers a touch of keratin and argan oil with each use to smooth, strengthen and control frizz all day, for a flawless, just-left-the-salon finish. It helps your blow-dry last longer, while protecting against dullness and dryness caused by frequent heat styling and flat ironing.

 Now for some random acts of kindness ideas for you to share and do this holiday season!

Everyone is important. Learn the names of your office security guard, the person at the front desk and other people you see every day. Greet them by name. Also say “hello” to strangers and smile. These acts of kindness are so easy, and they almost always make people smile.

Amen! Stay awesome! 
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