Friday, December 30, 2016

JOY by Jean Patou Collectors Edition

Hi ya Gorgeous!

TGIF! Woo hoo! It's almost 2017. I can hardly wait. 2016 has been a frosted turd of a year and I am ready to put it behind me. I boldly go into the future and excited for all that the new year has in store for me, Makeup University, you and the world! It's going to be a hallmark year, I just know it.

For those who are new to Makeup University, you need to know, that I am a fragrance lover. I would wear a great parfum, fancy boots and handbag and call myself ready for the day. No cares for my Walmart tshirt and thrift store jeans, if my boots, bag and fragrance are in order than so is everything else!

With that said, I just received a sample of the ultimate fragrance, JOY by Jean Patou.

I love this scent. I have wanted this perfume for decades, since I was a young girl in a small town and smelling the scent strip in a Vogue magazine.  I kept one of the soaps for myself and have shared the other three with my Mom and girl friends who need something powerful for the new year.

 In my experience, everything about this scent is beauty, luxury, and power. It has amazing silage and it dries down into a rosy jasmine blend that is warm and inviting. This is the collectors edition and I'm so excited to have it. I will definitely be replacing my normal Chanel No5  with Joy for the events coming up in Las Vegas.

Now I have been seeing online that it's sold out - do not dismay - just keep looking and visit your local Nieman Marcus and ask if they have it available. Trust me, you want this! Cheers to the  best 2017 ever!

JOY Collectors Edition

The famous flacon, designed by JEAN PATOU in 1932 and inspired by his personal collection of rare Chinese snuff boxes, has been re-dressed for the occasion in a design based on the timeless elegance of Patou’s “Nuit de Chine” dress, with a softly curved, deep black bottle and a distinctive, domed “Nasturtium Red” stopper.

Each bottle is filled by hand with a black glass dropper and is sealed and wrapped with a delicate golden thread. This work of art is presented in an elegant, beautifully textured box, delicately embossed with the JEAN PATOU monogram.
Lyrical, sensual and liberating, JEAN PATOU’S JOY bridges the distance between East and West, presenting a timeless fragrance and flacon which resonate with universal appeal.

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