Wednesday, December 7, 2016

50 Positive Quotes to share in the 12 Days of Giving and Random Acts of Kindness week!

 Hi ya Gorgeous!

As Makeup University tracks along in the 12 Days of Giving and random acts of kindness this holiday season, I have this extra goody to share with you from Mal Huddleston.  It's another way to share some positive encouragement during this time where not everyone has a family or friends close by to be with.

Enjoy the inspiration and be sure to share and make somebody smile today!

Need a little boost in your day?

I have written some "Positive Quotes" to give you
a lift if you need it, or just for a little fun.

They are available in a PDF document for you to download.

In fact, you are welcome to share them around to
your friends and loved ones too if you like.

Nothing too serious, just some positive thoughts
to help you keep going in whatever it is you do.

Sharing a little positive energy is fun.
It makes me feel good anyway.

Life can get too serious too easily, but we don't
need to let it be like that all the time.

So click the link to go get your download...

And have a great day!

Mal Huddleston

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