Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Makeup University Got For Christmas and a product introduction

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Woo hoo! How was your Christmas celebration? I hope you had an amazing time and are enjoying the celebration of lights with Hanukkah too!

Today I have a video for you, demonstrating what Makeup University received for Christmas.

Enjoy and then stay tuned after the video at the bottom of this post for the Mixed Chicks product introduction!

Now, for some Mixed Chicks! I love this brand and hwat a service they do for ladies with curly hair! Or wavy hair! Or unruly hair!

These products are explained in the video - but let me just do a lil recap for you!

The Styling gel, is light and strong, and in my opinion perfect for the short hairstyle or men.
The Co-Wash is a deep conditioning cleanser with an amazing natural scent and has no lather. This product is perfect for everyone but me and my fine limp hair. I still am healing my hair through thyroid issues, so I am keeping this product for a once a week wash and using my iRestore hair growth shampoo the other 2 times a week I wash.
The Curl Sculptor is perfect for the curly q, super tight curl and those with a wave that needs more help to bend. I really like this product. Before my hair succumbed to thyroid issues, this would be a twice a week styler for me!
The Daily Hair Dress is amazing and you need it right now. Even if you do not have curly or mixed hair, you need this for the hydration, sheen and style capability. I love it and it will be traveling with me to Las Vegas in January for all of the events I am at.  Some may not realize that Las Vegas Nevada is considered high desert. So it is very, very dry and in the winter, magnetize that by 100% due to the heat in the buildings. Just expect super dry skin and hair and pack this Mixed Chicks Daily Hair Dress with you for keeping things fresh and dewy looking! If you are wondering, yes, in a pinch, you could double this as a hand lotion or body moisturizer due to it's superior ingredients.

Don't take my word for it. Get some of your own at MixedChicks.net or Walmart today!

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