Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bodycology Morroccan Sunset: trio of spa care at home for resting up and relaxing

Oh Gorgeous-
I'm nearly at the end of a vacation and about to do a 8 hour turn around for an event.
No complaining here, I'm so glad for the opportunity that I have been blessed with!

Though, I've got to admit-there is a wee part of me that would like to just check into the spa for a day and rest up!

No time for that! Though what I do have waiting for me at home is the new scent and at home spa set from Bodycology called Morroccan Sunset!

The Bodycology brand can be found at most mass retailers like Walmart, CVS and Target. This scent is new and coming out for Fall. Special shout out and thank you to Bodycology for sharing this sultry, end of summer, spicey scent with Makeup University! You know, this would make a great BTS: back to school scent!

 I will be indulging in this when I get home and moments before leaving again on the road. You can get yours in a few weeks and in the meantime, check out some of the amazing and affordable scents Bodycology offers like Charmed Apple, XoXo and Gardenia!

P.S. Gardenia is my absolute favorite!

Be sure and get the trio so you can layer your scent for a lasting impression!

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