Sunday, July 27, 2014

EVO keeping me travel beauty prepared!

Hello Gorgeous,

 Last week I was in Las Vegas at the Cosmoprof show and I ran into my ol' pals EVO.
Which, as you know-are one of the best natural hair care product lines available!

It was at the show that I picked up a few goodies: such as the travel set which contains these necessities:
Ritual Salvation shampoo, Ritual Salvation Conditioner, Protein Treatment, a body creme and a body wash.
So right for dropping into my trusty Samsonite vanity case and hitting the road!

I also discovered the Helmut full strength hairspray as well as Haze, a styling powder that gives enormous volume while still being moldable/stylable and my favorite the Working Spray. It's like a hairspray with texture that lets you style your hair, and then a few hours later, restyle without a gummy sticky mess.

So, this entire kit went to Anaheim and now is at San Diego and will shortly after that go to Las Vegas.

Because it's EVO and amazing, a lil bit goes a long way and even with long hair like mine, this kit will last 3 trips! And then some!

Get yours and learn more at the evo website!
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