Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pur Minerals BIG Look with Argan Oil extreme mascara from 2014 Generation Beauty YouTube Space L.A. party

 Hello Sweet Gorgeous,
How is your summer going? Can you believe it's July? Well I can because it is hot, hot, hot in Arizona. We have finally made it to the high 110 degree mark, which means we are closer to the 115-117 degree mark!

As I write about this sample of Pur Minerals BIG Look mascara I think back to the cool, breezy night at the YouTube Space L.A. party for the 2014 Generation Beauty event.

I love mascara and it's the one item that if I was going to be stranded on a desert island I would take in the beauty category. Sure,  I should probably be taking sunscreen, or lotion; but nah, I'll take good looking lash builder.

So here's the brush on this mascara from Pur Minerals (in general, love their stuff!)
 The big hoo dah with this new product is that it contains Argan oil, which I have to admit has become a big beauty buzz miracle product as of late. I have both hair care and skin care with the Argan oil in it and the results are amazing!

I do like the color, I do like the wear, I do not like the application. It's a bit messy, seriously slickery, and a touch hard to manager. It's not a bad product, I just think this isn't the go to mascara when driving, in a hurry, or needing to be precise in a very short amount of time.

The good news is, the Pur Minerals brand tends to be a healthier makeup product than others so you can feel good about putting it on your eye.

Here's a link to buy some: http://www.purminerals.com/Big-Look-Mascara-Clump-Resistant

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