Friday, July 25, 2014

Disneyland: then and now: with evo and Laura Mercier Strawberry Sorbet

Well Gorgeous,
Can we talk? Can we talk family vacations, memory making and an icon in entertainment?

I recently visited Disneyland California, the original theme park as well as Disneyland Grand California Adventure.

I packed some staples for the trip: such as EVO travel beauty kit which is handy dandy TSA approved sizes.

 Just look at all that new EVO goodness! It's a pair of Ritual Salvation shampoo/conditoner, a body creme, body wash and some Haze hair powder along with 2 cans: one is a working spray and the other is a setting spray. Pure genius and love for travel: either work or fun! ( I will do a separate post on these products)

As well as the new summer ready lip color, Strawberry Sorbet by Laura Mercier.

I have been up and down that castle and I can not find the secret door or passage way to the apartment in there! Do you know where it is?

Now here is the long/short of my experience. Brace yourselves.

I have had a fairy tale version and experience of Disneyland for as long as I can remember and this trip was to be no different! Or so  I thought!

 The Grand Californian Hotel, entry doors seen here-is a beautiful hotel located inside the Disneyland Grand Californian park. From here on out, let's just call it GCA. Afterall, that's what the people who work their call it.

 This is the view from the room of the Downtown Disney 'strip' like as in Vegas which is situated between the two theme parks.

 Thankfully, there is a sizeable LEGO store which gives me a discount and fits in with my family M.O.

 There is fine shopping and dining for all ages: hence RideMakerz and Build-a-Bear are on the Downtown Disney strip along with the Vault store for upscale ladies fashion shopping. I loved the store but even I have to draw the line at $40 tank tops. Though, for the record, I really wanted this top!

 GCA has 3 pools-three, very small pools and one was full of pathogens on my first day there and we did not swim in it til the last day!

There is poolside menu and drink service but it's very slow, inaccurate and don't be surprised by what actually shows up when it's way short of the quality you normally expect.

 So, let's all take a deep breath and remember, when you stay at GCA, it's for proximity to the park. No monorail. No shuttle. No driving. Nothing! You simply walk to your room. It's awesome, amazing ,and quite frankly worth the price. I wish I could say that I was dazzled with the service of a hotel at "the happiest place on Earth" - but no- no, not at all.

In fact, it's more like the grumpiest place on Earth, with high entertainment prices and very, very, very little customer service.

Remember, you are paying for the proximity which after calculations regulates the GCA to a Motel 6 by the park.

 Once inside the Disneyland park, the thrill is gone. The old tried and true favorites, in fact, loves of childhood are still there. It's just that now they are old, dirty, dusty and unkempt. It's really like the tide of illegal immigrants coming across the border-there are too many people and not enough workers to tend them.

The park is dirty and run down and nary a worker bee to be found! Good luck getting a question answered, finding a friendly smile or any semblence of the old Disneyland that was filled with storytelling magic.

 Except, if you are the guy who worked the wilderness area in the Disney Grand California attraction. He stood out there, crowd gathering with a smile, charm, wit and though the guests in the park were rude to him, he answered with a smile, a fun fact or joke and let it roll off of him. I wish I got his name!

This really is the star of the show now. The Cars Land at Grand California. It's so cool and fun to walk and experience the Cars movie. Oh wait. There is not much walking to be done. Note, this attraction is new and very, very busy. I wonder if some of my challenge with park service and cleanliness would be best attended to if I went in the off season?

 Okay, so the parks were dirty and packed and all customer service has gone out the window. Who cares about sky high prices and little to show for it?

The Disney magic may be gone, but the old stand by favorites are still there.

I'm glad my family got a chance to experience and make memories at Disneyland and the Disney Grand Californian park. I've got plenty of photos to remind my Mancub of his time here.

For you and planning your next vacation, consider Disneyland, just do it in the off season and pack your own cleaning supplies!

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